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Are Baby Bows Safe for My Child?


Baby bows, headwraps, and headbands are some of the most popular toddler accessories. However, if you are a new parent, you may wonder if there is any risk associated with nylon bows for babies. Toddlers’ heads are known to be incredibly sensitive, after all, and many parents wonder if putting their babies in bows is safe.

Baby Bows: All About Good Judgment and Supervision

Just like the average piece of clothing, baby bows are quite safe to use. However, this depends on the parents practicing good judgment and keeping an eye on their toddlers. Babies love to explore and could get into a potentially dangerous situation with a bow if left to their own devices.

Nylon Bows

Bows on nylon attachments are popular as they tend to be super soft and come in a wide variety of sizes and colors. If you’re buying nylon bows, keep these tips in mind:

  • Make sure they’re not too tight: Your baby might become fussier, start to cry, or keep taking the bow off if it’s too tight. Furthermore, the bow should never leave red marks or deep indents on your baby’s head.
  • Make sure they’re not too loose either: You don’t want a loose bow that keeps falling to your little one’s neck. If there are no bows in your baby’s size, it is better to postpone accessorizing with bows until they can fit into larger sizes.

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