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Baby Clothing Sizes Explained | Lilly in the Alley


While preparing your little one’s dresser drawers for their arrival, there are so many things that new parents have to consider. Between giant growth spurts and a whole new size chart, baby clothing can be really confusing. Let’s look at a couple of questions first-time parents tend to have about baby clothes.

How Do Age and Baby Clothes Sizing Relate?

Babies vary in weight, height, and body shape, just like adults. While it might seem like a 6-month size will fit every 6-month-old infant, the reality is that isn’t the case. A general rule when looking at baby clothing sizes is that the labeled month is at the top of the size range. So, while a 1-month-old infant is closest to a newborn in age, a 3-month size is typically the better option. When in doubt, refer to the size chart provided by your retailer or size up—your little one will grow into it sooner than you think!

When Should I Expect Growth Spurts?

At first, it might seem like your baby is growing faster than you can keep up with. This is exactly what should happen! For their first year, babies develop rapidly, and you’ll buy new clothes more often, so it’s important to think through your baby’s growth and wardrobe needs as you purchase. 

This growth pattern is reflected in traditional sizes for baby apparel, going from a changing size every three months during the first year to every six months afterward. After age 2, sizing becomes more about style and your child’s development. A 24-month piece will look more like infant clothing, while a 2T will look more mature and be designed for a kiddo starting to potty train.

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