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Why Topknots Are Trending For Baby Girls

Why Topknots Are Trending For Baby Girls


Take a quick look around social media or even your community, and you will notice a new trend in baby fashion. It’s a hairstyle called a topknot. The turban-like head covering is one of the hottest accessories for fashionable baby girls and their in-the-know mamas. Find below some reasons why topknots for babies have been trending so widely.


Functional Topknots

Topknots help babies maintain body temperature and cover up patchy hair as it grows. They are designed to be tight enough to stay snug and in place but loose enough to make the little princesses comfortable. In addition, the sides are firm, making it harder for babies to grab onto and take off.


Fashionable Topknots

With all the other headwear and accessories for babies available, one reason baby topknots are incredibly popular is that they’re super fashionable. Beanies tend to be simpler or plainer, and ribbons and bows easily become too overstated. Many parents have realized that topknots are a perfect middle ground; cute enough for going out and chic enough for elegant pictures online.


They Have Celebrity Appeal

Like many fashionable trends, participation by celebrities is one of the reasons topknots for babies have grown in popularity. Children of influential people like Khloe Kardashian, Hillary Duff, and Aaron Paul have all been displaying their baby topknots on social media recently. It’s no wonder everyday parents are catching onto the trend. With more eyes on the attention-grabbing headpiece, there have been more interest, curiosity, and demand for it.


Topknots for babies are an adorable and practical fashion choice; it’s no wonder they’ve been trending online and offline. Whether you’re looking for adorable topknots for your baby or other fashionable accessories, Lilly in the Alley is the perfect destination for all baby fashion trends.

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